Our Story


The PEPELT began as an idea in 2017 when four friends, Tatia, Sandie, Anneta and Gail, who are passionate about using picturebooks in Primary English Language Teaching, worked on an application for funding from a European body. The application was unsuccessful so we decided to go ahead ourselves without funding and started to plan a small-scale project.

In October 2018 we set up a PEPELT Facebook page to find out what interest we would be able to engage. We wanted to help teachers and other professionals move away from the mundane and the conventional often found in mainstream coursebook materials. Our aim is to encourage teachers to select picturebooks which encourage critical thinking, which mirror children’s reality and where children from all backgrounds and identities can see themselves represented.

There was interest in our work. As the PEPELT Facebook page grew in popularity, we realised that we needed a more comprehensive platform than Facebook. In June 2019 we set up a YouTube channel which brings together all our films in one location and in September 2019 we launched the PEPELT website.  These three online elements connect our PEPELT activities and make it easier for teachers to find information. We are also able to share many more tips, resources, links, and special features.


  • We share information about picturebooks and their creators
  • We select a picturebook a month which focuses on a theme
  • Each make a short film featuring the selected picturebook which are shared on Facebook
  • We each share different perspectives to these picturebooks which reflect our interests and experience around working with, researching and engaging children and their teachers with picturebooks.


  • create a lively, engaged and sharing community of teachers – but also librarians, teacher educators and researchers – using picturebooks in PELT.
  • encourage the sharing of ideas for teaching PELT with picturebooks.
  • promote and support the use of picturebooks in PELT.
  • publicise information about picturebooks for PELT.

As four friends who share the passion of primary English teaching and picturebooks, we are delighted that so many have enjoyed sharing our passion since we began in October 2018 and we sincerely hope that this community continues to grow.

Best wishes from us all. Anneta, Gail, Sandie & Tatia

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