As you know we like to make a few suggestions in addition to our picturebook of the month and here comes. We had three for this month:

1. Cyril and Pat written and illustrated by Emily Gravett.

This is the story of a lonely squirrel looking for friendship, finding friendship and overcoming obstacles to make it work … and getting a big hug as you can see. Emily has prepared some great downloadable resources and there are also videos of her reading and teaching children how to draw Cyril & Pat. From a language point of view, look at expressing feelings, predicting and discussing friendship. This book offers a fabulous opportunity for children to do some research and find out unusual facts about squirrels and rats. You will find all the resource & video links on our website:

2. The Hug by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar

Hedgehog was feeling sad.
As sad as a hedgehog can feel.
So sad only one thing could help…AND
Tortoise was feeling sad.
As sad as a tortoise can feel.
So sad only one thing could help…

Both the hedgehog and the tortoise are looking for a hug but for some reason no-one will hug them. Finally, a wise owl explains: Hedgehog is too spiky; Tortoise is too bony.

This book has a unique format – you read it, flip it and read it backwards. In the middle of the book the hedgehog and tortoise hug … This book lends itself to practise describing hedgehog and turtle, both their physical appearances and their emotions. Children can express how a hug feels, when they need a hug and perhaps they could draw what it feels like being hugged? 

3. Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.

No doubt, many of you will know the story of a little boy, a penguin, loneliness and friendship. And of course, a big hug at the end. We have a number of Oliver Jeffers’ printable resources for this book linked on our website and also a link to a range of fabulous teaching ideas by Teaching Ideas. Check here:

There is a film for this picturebook which has been aired on TV – you might find a recording if you browse You Tube. There is also a trailer but we are attaching a clip called Lunch Time which might give you some ideas how to start your lesson – always nice to talk about food, favourite lunch habits …