Our theme for March 2020 was Art and we chosen a fabulous picturebook: Henri’s scissors by Jeanette Winter. If you are a fan of Matisse you will love this book. You can find all our teaching ideas in our videos.

Sandie: Peritextual Features

Front and back covers: Compare the illustrations e.g. front is end of Matisse’s life and back is the beginning
Dust-jacket flaps: Read the blurb and talk about collage / cut out art.
Endpapers: Read the quotes about Matisse;
On the back endpaper is a short note from the illustrator about why she created the picture, this is interesting to share.
NB : Notice the first four double spreads are small framed images. Compare these to the spreads where we are told about Matisse’s illness and the resulting collage work. They fill the page. How does this make them feel?

Tatia: Teacher Education

Coming Soon …


Gail: Multiliteracies

Visual:  Recognising how the combination of words (narrative and quotes) and images work together to convey meaning;
Recognising shapes – geometric shapes v organic, free form, curvilinear shapes inspired by nature.
Art:  relating to and understanding works of art:  colour, size, technique, materials.
Disability:  overcoming limitations caused by health and determination to rediscover the creative process and create a new form of art and expression.

Annete: Notes from the Classroom

Getting acquainted with Henri Matisse’s art and his unique technique of “painting with scissors”.
Reading and writing -bibliography of the artist.
Roll – A – Masterpiece collage game;
Creating an illustrated, collage story of stages in Henri Matisse’s life using a text from the book Henri’s Scissors (cooperative group work).