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IATEFL YLT SIG website January 2020: Using picturebooks in primary English language teaching Read
ELT Footprint March 2020: Using picturebooks to inspire children to become environmental advocates Read
Ellis, G. & Mourão, S. (2021), Demystifying the read-aloud. English Teaching Professional, 36, 22-25Read
Valente, D.,2020. Being a guide by teachers’ sides – not a sage on the educational stage. In: M.Timmermans and E. White ads., Being a Teacher Educator during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Breda: Avans University of Applied Sciences.Read
Ellis, G., & Gruenbaum, T (2023). Reimagining picturebook pedagogy for online primary English language education. In D. Valente & D. Xerri, Innovative Practices in Early English Language Education. Palgrave.Read


APPInep e-Newsletter no. 13 February 2019 PEPELT Facebook page Read
The CLELE Journal, Children’s Literature in English Language Education, 9.1 (2021)Read
TEYLT Worldwide, Issue 2, 2019: The newsletter of IATEFL Young Learners and Teenagers Special Interest Group PEPELTRead


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ELTons 2020 Finalists: Innovation in Teacher Resources