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Articles :

ELLIS, Gail (2016), Promoting ‘Learning’ Literacy through Picturebooks: Learning How to Learn. Children’s Literature in English Language Education, 4(2). 27-40: An article which discusses how teachers can develop autonomous language learners while planning for activities using The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown and Leonard Weisgard. Read More
ELLIS, Gail (2019), Social Model Thinking about Disability through Picturebooks in Primary English, Children’s Literature in English Language Education, 7(2). 61-78: This paper identifies two types of literature, inclusion and immersive, that provide different representations of disability, as depicted in Susan Laughs (Willis & Ross, 1999) and Amazing(Antony, 2019a). Read More
ELLISON, Maria (2010), Make them think! Using literature in the primary English language classroom to develop critical thinking skills. E-F@bulations: This is a useful article which looks at developing critical thinking skills through the picturebook The tiger who came to tea by Judith Kerr Read More
LUGOSSY, Réka (2012), Constructing meaning in interaction through picture books. C.E.P.S Journal, 2: 3, 97–117. This article describes and analyses spontaneous comments made by children during picturebook read alouds in EFL sessions. It also discusses teachers’ responses to learners’ comments, and considers reasons teachers may choose to ignore children’s talk in their first language.Read More
MOURÂO, Sandie (2016). Picturebooks in the primary EFL classroom: authentic literature for an authentic response. Children’s Literature in English Language Education Journal, Vol 4(1) 2016 pp. 25-43: This is an article which provides a grounded theory to support teachers in understanding how children respond to picturebook readlouds in early years and primary classrooms. Read More
MOURÃO, Sandie (2015). Fostering affective responses to picturebooks in the young learner classroom. Humanising Language Teaching, August 2015: This is an article that suggests several practical activities to use three picturebooks to develop empathy in the primary English classroomRead More