Picturebook Teaching Links

Teaching primary English with picturebooks: Effective use of picturebooks in an ELT setting is planned, prepared and structured. Picturebooks expose children to examples of rich, authentic language as the language has not been selected or graded.  You can find information about using picturebooks and how to select them via the following links:


Tell it Again! The Storytelling Handbook for Primary English Language Teachers. Written by Gail Ellis and Jean Brewster, Tell it Again! provides a comprehensive methodology section and story notes on 12 stories from around the world. For each story there are a series of lesson plans with photocopiable activity sheets. The book can be downloaded for free here.


If you are looking for some CLIL ideas, check Teaching Ideas and simply type in the name of the book or author / illustrator and enjoy the richness of ideas ranging from science to art. The slideshow below shows you all the teaching ideas for Tidy by Emily Gravett. Although these teaching ideas have been written to fit the UK primary curriculum they will provide plenty of inspiration and no doubt, you will find ways to adapt them to suit the needs of your class.

Wilbur’s storybook recommendations contains more than 50 titles, giving a synopsis and introduction to each one.  It also includes a picturebook record template, which you can complete as you use these and other picturebooks in your classroom.


Sandie’s blog is a fabulous resource if you want to learn more about visual literacy. Her reviews are very detailed and help teachers enrich their understanding of how picture books work.


Looking for picture books ‘that help children cope with worries, health issues and new experiences (big and small)’? Then have a look at Little Parachutes. This website is clearly structured, offers great reviews and their book selection is current.

Three more British Council Resources: 1) The Magic Pencil exhibition and website celebrated children’s book illustration and brought together the work of 13 illustrators who offered familiar as well as new and varied ways of approaching book illustration. 2) Promoting diversity through children’s literature: This is a collection of story-based materials and teaching notes to promote diversity in the primary ELT classroom. 3) Drawing Words is a British Council exhibition and includes many teaching resources. You will find a number of teaching notes by Gail Ellis like this one for Wild and more about the exhibition here.

RealBook News is a collection of 17 issues of a newsletter compiled by Opal Dunn between the years 1997 – 2004.