Throughout April, the PEPELT Team reviewed four informational picturebooks. We have indicated if the picturebook is suitable for Younger Primary Learners [YPL], Older Primary Learners [OPL] or All Primary Learners [APL]. Our videos can be found here: Playlist Earth Day 2020

Sandie [APL]

Gail [APL]

Tatia [OPL]

Anneta [APL]

If you are looking for more suggestions, have a look at this comprehensive list by ‘Books for Topics’. It is a great list of picturebooks to help celebrate our planet Earth, and it includes some of our favourite picturebook creators … Oliver Jeffers, Emily Gravett, Mini Grey, Jeanne Baker, Jeannette Winter, Shaun Tan, Sandra Dieckmann, Michael Forman, Melanie Walsh. Also check our Earth Day 2019 picturebook recommendations.

We would like to share two more teaching resources which are not picturebooks but a short film and a game. Although not picturebooks, we think these two resources might support your picturebook choices and offer an interesting way to open or close your primary English lesson.

Resource 1

Message from Antarctica by picturebook author and illustrator Chris Haughton. Chris created this film for Earth Day 2019. He collaborated with scientists from the British Antarctic Survey to help communicate their work. You can read more about this project on his blog. This film is quite advanced from an English language point of view but keywords and the animated illustrations support comprehension.

Resource 2

Google produced a lovely interactive Earth Day 2020 Doodle. It was made in collaboration with The Honeybee Conservancy, New York. It is a game and you (children) need to guide a bee to pollinate flowers. While playing you (children) will learn many fun “facts about bees and our planet that they help to sustain.”