Eric Carle

In June 2019, Eric Carle turned 90 and to honour his achievements and contributions, the PEPELT team celebrated the World of Eric Carle throughout June 2019. Each of us reviewed our favourite Eric Carle picturebook for ELT.

Sandie: Peritextual Features

Brown Bear:
Front and back covers: talkabout in and out / front and back; Refer to author and illustrator
Endpapers: first read aloud, recollect colours; repeated read alouds use to remind children of the animals that appear in the book;

Tatia: Teacher Education

“Slowly, Slowly, Slowly”, Said the Sloth:
Learning about the rain forest – different tribes,animals, habitats;
Using adjectives to describe people;
Reflecting on speed/time;
Accepting differences


Gail: Multiliteracies

Today is Monday: Creating a multilingual version of the song, Today is Monday

Annete: Notes from the Classroom

The Tiny Seed:
Taking a cross-curricular approach to language learning/teaching;
Understanding the life cycle of a plant.