Have you used any of our picturebook of the month suggestions (2018/2019 & 2019/2020 & 2020/2021) or any of our mini e-lessons and would like to share your experiences? If so, we would love to hear from you.

In autumn 2020 PEPELT is launching the PEPELT Practitioners’ Blog to provide a platform for student teachers, teachers, librarians and teacher trainers to share their experiences using picturebooks for teaching primary English. Our aim is to bring the rich and international practitioners’ voices to the PEPELT project.

If you would like to get involved, read our guidelines and complete the online submission form. We look forward to hearing from you!


PEPELT Blog Submission Guidelines

Our website is accessed by a diverse international audience who will appreciate experiences and ideas with a practical focus.


We accept submissions in the traditional written blog format or as a vlog, a short video of you talking about your experience.

Your submission should …

  • be in English
  • be written or spoken in a non-academic style and easily accessible to the diverse PEPELT audience
  • for blog submissions, be no more than 750 words, written in MS Word using 12-point font size and include paragraph headings for clarity
  • for vlog submissions, be no more than 3 minutes with good audio and video quality, no background interference and filmed in horizontal format.
  • not include any images of children
  • not include any self-promotional images / materials


Please include something about…

  • your context (e.g. school learners’ age; number of hours of English / week; level of English; curriculum unit if in teacher training / education etc)
  • why you selected this particular picturebook
  • how it linked with your syllabus / curriculum (if at all)
  • how you shared the picturebook
  • the resources you may have used or made (you can include photos or show them)
  • the length of the sequence of activities (e.g. 10 mins in a lesson; over two lessons etc)
  • the outcomes (for the learners and for you)

And finally, please end your post by giving (written or spoken):

  • a short reflection on the experience 
  • any tips you might have for other practitioners when using this picturebook

Online Submission Form

Please click on the link and complete the form. You will be able to attach your video file or word doc and any pdfs you would like to share. If you have any questions, please send us an email (see contact us for details). We will contact you if your entry has been selected. We would like to stress once more that all submissions must be based on picturebooks promoted by PEPELT on our facebook page or website. We will not publish posts which are of a commercial or promotional nature. The submission form requires a 50-word bio which offers the opportunity to mention your teaching and or training and your business, if applicable.

Submission Form: Click here