• Exploiting peritext with Sandie Mourão
  • Developing multiliteracies with Gail Ellis
  • Educating primary English teachers with Tatia Gruenbaum
  • Notes from the classroom with Anneta Sadowska

We share innovative picturebooks and resources that address diversity themes and promote positive values.

Find tips for teaching primary English online with picturebooks. We also offer mini picturebook e-lessons based on a read-aloud by a picturebook creator to support teachers and parents working remotely.

Love the idea of teaching primary English with picturebooks but not sure where to start? Check our teaching tips and guidelines on our website

Reading Aloud

We recommend that these tips are read in conjunction with the PEPELT tips for mediating picturebooks, which give general advice for reading a picturebook aloud in a classroom context.


A picturebook is text, illustrations, total design; an item of manufacture and a commercial product; a social, cultural, historic document; and foremost, an experience for a [reader / beholder].  As an art form it hinges on the interdependence of pictures and words, on the simultaneous display of two facing pages, and on the drama of the turning page.

Our Books

Our picturebooks of the month, additional suggestions and our mini e-lessons , all in one place & in alphabetically order .


Since October 2018, the PEPELT Team has been selecting one theme and one picturebook for nine months of the academic year. All four members of the PEPELT Team review our picturebook of the month from four different angles:


Online video read-alouds by #picturebook creators are an underutilised resource in primary #ELT. This webinar presents a set of criteria for the selection of quality asynchronous picturebook video read-alouds which includes an analysis of the different video production approaches used and we present a framework that can be used for designing materials around picturebooks for e-learning.