John Burningham

John Burningham died in January 2019 and to honour his work, the PEPELT team reviewed their favourite John Burningham picturebooks. We also wrote and article for the CLELE journal based on our book reviews.

Peritextual features
Come away from the water Shirley:
Front cover: Ask children to predict what the book will be about.
Endpapers: A pirate’s map, which can be returned to and looked at closely.
Title page This presents the main characters flying a pirate’s flag.
There are lots of clues in these peritextual features which children will use to predict a story about pirates.
In fact, it is two visual narratives – the parents’ boring day at the beach, and Shirley’s adventure with pirates appear on facing pages. It’s magical!

Teacher education
Courtney: Reading images and developing imagination


Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car:
Literacy: Recognising rich authentic language
The Shopping Basket:
Learning: Predicting, memorising, subtracting, sequencing, personalising;
Emotional: understanding loneliness
Visual: interpreting illustrations

Notes from the classroom
The Magic Bed: Opening a door to dreamland.
Designing a bed – learning about unusual beds.
Guessing the content of a book by the cover (different books by John Burningham)

Here are some links we shared in our videos and on our facebook page:

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