Judith Kerr

As you might remember Judith Kerr passed away in May this year (2019). The PEPELT team would like to remember and celebrate her work so November 2019 is dedicated to Judith Kerr.

Peritextual features
The Tiger who came to tea:
Front cover: making predictions
Back cover: reading the blurb
Dedication: sharing Judith Kerr’s story about writing the book for her children

Teacher education
Mog : 
Researching the background of a picturebook and considering different perspectives.

.The New Yorker 

Mog the Cat – website and Activity Pack

My Henry :
Literacy:  recognising rhyme and developing phonological awareness
Emotional:developing empathy by understanding the feelings of someone who has lost someone close 
Cultural: identifying aspects of British life


Notes from the classroom
The Magic Bed :
Writing a story/comic strip;
Building awareness of rhyme and rhythm in a poem.

Some Resources

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