Mini Picturebook Lesson 1: Amazing by Steve Antony


Lesson levellower primary English language learners
Lesson accessvia url-link or QR-Code
Equipment for childtablet, phone or laptop, internet connection, perhaps headphones
Materials dictionary (online or paper)
Materials for pet dragonpaper, coloured pens and pencils or clay
Language Skillslistening, vocabulary (verbs), speaking (read aloud)
Cross-curricular Linkshistory (dragons in the Middle Ages and mythology)
Valuesinclusion, friendship

STEP 1: Look at the Cover

List Which different colours can you can see on the front cover?
DescribeWhich colours and patterns can you see on the children’s helmets?
NoticeDo you see anything unusual on one of the helmets?
CountHow many wheels can you see on the front cover? 
PredictWho do you think the main characters are in this story. Why?
TranslanguageHow many words to do you know in your language that mean ‘amazing’?

STEP 2: Listen and Watch

Part AListen and watch for general understanding and enjoyment.
Part BListen and watch again and answer the questions, pause when you need to:
Who is telling the story?
 What is the name of the boy’s dragon? 
 What do they like doing together?  
 What is his dragon very good at? 
 What happens when they play basketball together? 
What does his dragon love the most?  
 What happens when the dragon gets excited?
 What does the boy think of his dragon?

Step 3: Add your Voice

ReviewWatch again and remember to say Wahooooo. 
ReviewRemember the things the boy and Zibbo like doing together.
RememberHow many different forms of transport do you see in the story? 
Choose & CreateHow many forms of transport can you see in your street? Create a poster with the facts you find out about your favourite transport.
ResearchWhat do you know about dragons? Find out 5 facts about dragons.
Create Make or draw your own pet dragon. 
PersonaliseWhat fun things will you do with your pet dragon? 
Your OpinionWhich is your favourite part of the story?  Why?
ThinkWhy do you think the title of this picturebook is “Amazing”?
ShareSend your work to your teacher or share in your virtual classroom. 

Want More?

1Learn to draw Zibbo with Steve Antony. Link
2Watch the video. List everything the children do to include the boy who uses the wheelchair.
3Make your own dragon. Check download for instructions & template.


©Ellis, G. & Gruenbaum, T. for PEPELT 2020

Amazing by Steve Antony, published by Hachette Children’s 2019

Video ©BookTrust