SynopsisNorman is a bear who loves honey. He disguises himself as a bee to enter Bee School where he hopes he will have an endless supply of honey.
Lesson accessvia url-link or QR-Code
Equipment for childtablet, phone or laptop, internet connection, perhaps headphones
Materials dictionary (online or paper), craft materials
Language Skillslistening, vocabulary (verbs), speaking (read aloud)
Cross-curricular Linksscience, maths
ValuesFriendship and loyalty, heroes and villains, identity, accepting differences
World Event DayWorld Bee Day

Let’s Start

  • Equipment: dictionary (online or paper), tablet or laptop & internet connection and perhaps headphones
  • Materials for your Bumblebear or Bumble-Creature:  paper, coloured pens and pencils  
  • Time: 20-30 minutes
  • Mini Picturebook e-Lessons: Guidelines

    STEP 1: Look at the Cover

    LookWhat do you see on the front cover? Creatures, colours, shapes, facial expressions.
    LookCount the bees.  What do you notice about some of the bees?
    ThinkLook at the title. Replace the final two letters ‘ar’ with ‘e’.  What word do you get?
    ResearchWhat do bees make?
    ResearchWhat is one thing bears love to eat?
    CheckLook up the word ‘tricky’.  Can you think of another word for ‘tricky’?  How do you say ‘tricky’ in your language?
    CheckLook up the word ‘suspicious’.  How do you say ‘suspicious’ in your language?
    PredictWhy do you think the bear is disguised as a bee?
    Step 2 and Step 3: Listen and Watch
    Part AListen and watch for general understanding and enjoyment.
    Part BListen and watch again and answer the questions, pause and replay when you need to.
    What is the bear’s name and what does he love?
     What is Norman’s brilliant idea?
     Who is the ‘new bee’ at bee school?
     Where does the ‘new bee’ say he is from?
     What do the bees learn at bee school?
    What is the name of the bee who is suspicious about Norman?
     What other creatures like honey?
     What happened when the suspicious bee took Norman to the
    bee’s secret honey store?
     Why was Norman asked to leave bee school?
     What happened later that night?
     How did Norman save the bees?
    Step 4: Add your Voice
    ReviewRemember the different things the bees learn at bee school. 
    CreateDraw or make your own bumblebear or another ‘bumble creature’ costume.
    (see link below)
    CreateMake your own bumblebear daily planner.
    MoveDo your own ‘buzzing practice’ and ‘waggle dancing’ like a bee.
    ResearchFind out five facts about bees. See if you can find out something about
    the ‘waggle dance’. 
    ResearchFind out three reasons why honey is good for you.
    ThinkWhy do you think Nadia Shireen chose the title ‘The Bumblebear’?
    ThinkWhat do you think is the message of this story?
    Your opinionDo you think Norman is a hero or a villain?
    Your opinionWhich is your favourite part of the story?  Why?
    Step 5: Share and Evaluate your work
    ShareSend your work to your teacher or share in your virtual classroom.
    EvaluateComplete the evaluation sheet to reflect on your learning.

    Need Help ? Part A: Read and complete. You can write or say your answers. You can do this on your own, in pairs or in a class discussion.
    Part B: Think about how well you did. Choose and draw the smiley face that fits best.

    Teacher Notes

    Want More?

    How to draw a bee dressed up as a bear: The Guardian

    ©Ellis, G. & Gruenbaum, T. for PEPELT 2020

    The Bumblebear by Nadia Shireen, published by Jonathan Cape 2016

    Video © Puffin Time for Stories