SynopsisA story about a little, yellow alien.
Lesson accessvia url-link or QR-Code
Equipment for childtablet, phone or laptop, internet connection, perhaps headphones
Materials dictionary (online or paper), craft materials
Language Skillslistening, vocabulary (verbs), speaking (read aloud)
Cross-curricular Linksscience, drama, art and design
ValuesInclusion and acceptance, kindness, welcoming newcomers
World Event DayAlien Day, International Mother Language Day

Let’s Start

  • Equipment: dictionary (online or paper), tablet or laptop & internet connection and perhaps headphones
  • Materials for your Alien and Life on Earth : paper, coloured pens, pencils and crayons  
  • Time: 20-30 minutes
  • Mini Picturebook e-Lessons: Guidelines

    STEP 1: Look at the Cover

    LookWhat do you see on the front cover?  
    LookDescribe the creature: eyes, ears, colour.  
    ThinkLook at the title. What is her name? Why do you think she is looking up at the sky? Where do think she is? How does she look?
    PredictLook at the title page. What do you think has happened to Beegu? Where do you think she has come from?
    PredictHow do you think aliens speak?
    Check Look up the meaning of these words: spaceship, lost, alone and hopeful.
    Step 2 and Step 3: Listen and Watch
    Part AListen and watch for general understanding and enjoyment.
    Part BListen and watch again and answer the questions, pause and replay when you need to.
    What and who are the different things Beegu tries to talk to?
     Who does Beegu think she hears calling? What was it?
     Why does Beegu want to find some friends?
     What does the man with the suitcase do?
     Which four-legged friends does she find?  Does Beegu stay? Why? Why not?
     Who are the perfect people Beegu finds? What games does Beegu play
    with them? Is she happy? Why does she have to stop playing?
     What is the first word Beegu learns in English?
    Who does Beegu hear calling again?
     Which people does Beegu like the most on Earth? Why?
     How does Beegu describe big and small Earth creatures?
     Who does Beegu hope will remember her?
    Step 4: Add your Voice
    ReviewRemember or list the different animals, things and people that Beegu tries to talk
    to and make friends with.
    Review & TranslateListen to the story again and translate what you think Beegu is saying to the different animals, things and people she meets. How would you try to make
    them understand you?
    Review & Join inWatch the story again and join in with Alexis Deacon when he speaks Beegu’s language.
    ResearchDo aliens exist? Find three examples?
    CreateDraw your own alien.
    CreateDraw or describe your own view of ‘Life on Earth’ on another planet or in
    another country. 
    Observe & ActHow does Beegu feel when her ears stand up straight and her eyes are
    wide open? How does she feel when her ears hang down and her eyes are
    closed? Act out her feelings and speak her language.
    Personal response How would you feel if you arrived on an unknown planet or in a new country without any friends? How would you help someone in this situation?
    PersonaliseWhat playground games do you play at school? Do you think Beegu would like them? How would you teach her to play the games?
    ThinkWhat do you think is the message of this story?
    Your opinionWhich is your favourite illustration? Why?
    Step 5: Share and Evaluate your work
    ShareSend your work to your teacher or share in your virtual classroom.
    EvaluateComplete the evaluation sheet to reflect on your learning.

    Need Help ? Part A: Read and complete. You can write or say your answers. You can do this on your own, in pairs or in a class discussion.
    Part B: Think about how well you did. Choose and draw the smiley face that fits best.

    Teacher Notes

    Want More?

    Draw along with Alexis Deacon and learn how to draw Beegu. (continue viewing video).

    Learn Sign Language

    Finally, if you enjoyed the read aloud, why not learn some Sign Language. Watch Leanne sign Beegu and learn how to sign: friend, earth, perfect and far away.

    ©Ellis, G. & Gruenbaum, T. for PEPELT 2020

    Beegu by Alexis Deacon, published by Red Fox 2004

    Video ©Puffin