Mini Picturebook Lesson 22: You Matter by Christian Robinson


SynopsisA story that will help children understand that everyone matters by seeing how they are all connected. The dedication reads “For anyone who isn’t sure if they matter. You do.”
Lesson accessvia url-link or QR-Code
Equipment tablet, phone or laptop, internet connection, perhaps headphones
Materials dictionary (online or paper), craft materials
Language Skillslistening, vocabulary, speaking (repeating, describing)
Cross-curricular Linksscience, history, maths
Valuesseeing the world from different points of view, empathising, valuing others
World DayYou Matter to Me Day

Step 1: Look at the Cover

NoticeWhat do you see on the front cover? How many children? What are the children doing? Name the colours.
PersonaliseHave you ever played with a parachute?
ThinkWhat do you think it is like to play with a parachute?
PersonaliseLook at the title: you matter. Are you told ‘you matter’?  Who tells you? How does that make you feel?  
TranslanguageHow do you say ‘you matter’ in your language?
PredictWhat three small creatures and three big creatures could be in this story?
Check Look up the meaning of these words: microscope, tide, pest, busy, to fall down, gassy, astronaut, lost, alone.

Step 2 and Step 3: Listen and Watch

Part AListen and watch for general understanding and enjoyment.
Part BListen and watch again and answer the questions, pause and replay when you need to.
What does the girl see though the microscope?
Which sea creature is not swimming with the tide?
What colour are the lizards?
Which insect is a pest?
Who does the pest bite?  Where does he bite him?
What do you think the dinosaurs are running from?
Which star is gassy?
What or who do you think the astronaut is thinking about?
Pause the video.  What can you see in the eight windows?
Which animal is lost? Have you ever felt lost and alone in a big city?  
Who or what is old and young?
What is too small to see?
Where is the boy looking out from on the last double spread?

Step 4: Add your Voice

Review & RepeatWatch the story again and join in with Christian Robinson every time he says ‘you matter’.
Review & NoticeLook at the illustrations and say how you think each illustration is connected to the one before and the one after.
Order Remember the different creatures in the story. Order them by size, from big to small.
ObserveLook out of your window and describe what you see. Do you see somebody who might think they do not matter? 
DrawDraw an aerial view (from above) of your own city, town or village.
Research Find out three facts about the sun.
Your opinionWhich is your favourite illustration?  Why?
ThinkWhat is the message of this story?

Step 5: Share and Evaluate your work

ShareSend your work to your teacher or share in your virtual classroom.
EvaluateComplete the evaluation sheet to reflect on your learning.
Need Help ? Part A: Read and complete. You can write or say your answers. You can do this on your own, in pairs or in a class discussion.
Part B: Think about how well you did. Choose and draw the smiley face that fits best.

Teacher Notes

Want more?

1Draw along with Christian Robinson and draw a T-Rex.  Carrying on viewing or go to 8.16.
2Christian Robinson talks about the General Sherman – the biggest tree in the world.  Find out its height, its diameter, its age, where it grows and what type of tree it is. Create a poster with the facts you find out about the sun or about General Sherman. 

Finally, if you enjoyed the read aloud, why not learn some Sign Language. Watch Leanne sign You Matter and learn how to sign: matter, small, see, first and last.


©Ellis, G. & Gruenbaum, T. for PEPELT 2020

You Matter by Christian Robinson published by Simon and Schuster Children’s 2020

Video ©PBS Kids