Needs & Wants

Black Friday, Cyper Monday … in the midst of this annual December consumerism spectacle, the PEPELT Team decided to make Needs & Wants our theme for December 2019. We wanted to create a month where we could share picturebooks which would offer moments for children to reflect on their needs and wants and consider families with children struggling to make ends meet, depending on charities and food-banks. Watch our videos for teaching ideas

Sandie: Peritextual Features

Front cover: Identifying the main character; Making connections between the cover and the following narrative sequence e.g. Publicity board and sneakers

Tatia: Teacher Education

Adapting readymade non EFL resources for the PELT classroom.

Teaching Children Philosophy: Those Shoes
Candlewick Publisher


Gail: Multiliteracies

Nature: identifying seasons
Emotional: empathising with the main character
Cultural: identifying aspects of urban life in US; recognising differences between American and British English
Consumer & financial: Becoming aware of the power of advertising; differentiating between needs and wants; creating a billboard


Annete: Notes from the Classroom

Understanding differences between needs and wants;
Making a jar of happiness;
Understanding happiness as a key to confidence.