During this Parley, Sandie Mourão, Gail Ellis and Tatia Gruenbaum dispelled the following 8 myths:

  • Wordless picturebooks are picturebooks with no words.
  • Wordless picturebooks are best suited for pre-primary children because there are no words so it’s easier for them to understand.
  • Wordless picturebooks are narrative-based.
  • (Wordless) picturebooks are only used once and rarely returned to.
  • Wordless picturebooks can be read aloud.
  • When working with a wordless picturebook, the children’s own language or shared classroom language should not be used.
  • When reading with a wordless picturebook, it is the teacher who reads / tells the story.
  • Wordless picturebooks are easy for a teacher to use because there are no word.