Draw Me a Star by Eric Carle was our book of the month for December. Our Theme is Stars which we found suitable for this time of the year, we hope you agree. We will be sharing Sandie’s film later today but until them, find out a little more about one of Eric Carl’s lesser known books.…/draw-me-a-star-1992/

Sandie: Peritextual Features

Front and back covers: Compare the stars and investigate the different stars
Dedication: There is a short dedication to Carle’s father with birth and death dates.
Title page: The same child as on the front cover beginning to draw a star. It is a nice flow from front cover to first opening, where the child continues drawing the star and starts to grow as well.
Post-script: A letter to the reader about the origins of the story – nice to share and learn the nonsense poem as they draw the star.

Tatia: Teacher Education

Looking at the work and life of Eric Carle in order to make a conscious decision about controversial aspects surrounding this book.


Gail: Multiliteracies

Art and creativity literacy: Setting up a cumulative effect in the classroom with one child telling the next child what to draw.
Using rhyming instructions to learn how to draw an 8 pointed star and developing fine motor skills and coordination.
Chanting rhyme while tracing the star with a finger or drawing  the star without lifting the pencil from the paper.
Cutting out own paper stars and creating a class collage.
Visual literacy: Noticing the use of colours and techniques used in each picture and how each drawing is connected to the previous drawing and how each drawing grows from the last.
PersonalisingHow would you draw the world?; In which pictures would you draw yourself?; How would you feel travelling across the night sky on a star?

Annete: Notes from the Classroom

Language focus: Learning the use of conjunction ‘because’ ie You are a star because you can … . Building a chain story in groups. (Draw me a …. So the artist drew …) Writing a chain story.
Personal and social education: We are all different, we are all stars, I am a star.
Art education: Different ways to draw a star.