Here you will find the links we mention in various videos when reviewing our books of the month. You can view all our videos on our PEPELT 21 You Tube Channel. Sometimes we come across additional resources after our videos, you will also find these here.

Gail Ellis videos with links

Kind (October 2019): Kindness Jar

Judith Kerr (November 2019): Video

Those Shoes (December 2019): UNICEF

Amazing (January 2020): CLELE Article and Stella Young Ted Talk

Bully (November 2018): Book Trailer and worksheet

Grandpa Green (December 2018): Book Trailer Grandpa Green and Kindness Calendar

Wonderful World (April 2018): Integrating global issues in the creative English language classroom: With reference to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The quiz How green am I? is from Teaching children how to learn, Activity Worksheets Chapter 3.

Tatia Gruenbaum video links

The Suitcase (June 2020): Children talking about suitcases

Kind (October 2019): Here we are Teacher Resources

Judith Kerr (November 2019): The New Yorker ; Mog the Cat – website and Activity Pack

Those Shoes (December 2019): Teaching Children Philosophy: Those Shoes and ALA and Candlewick Publisher

Perfectly Norman (January 2019): Mural

Anneta Sadowska video links

The Suitcase (June 2020): History of suitcases and This is me