Since October 2018, the PEPELT Team has been selecting one theme and one picturebook for nine months of the academic year. All four members of the PEPELT Team discuss picturebooks from four different angles:


I am Gail Ellis and I focus on multiliteracies. Multiliteracies include visual, emotional, cultural, nature, digital, moving image literacy and ‘learning’ literacy, which go beyond the traditional view of literacy which is the ability to read and write. Picturebooks bring multimodal representation into the classroom which enables children to learn how to interpret and decode information conveyed through multiple modes.


I am Tatia Gruenbaum and in my videos I share how I would prepare student teachers to teach primary EFL with our book of the month. I try and connect my videos to what Gail & Sandie discuss and thus create the bigger picture for the primary student teacher.


I am Sandie Mourão and I focus on the picturebook peritext, – “Peritext is what makes a book a book” – and it is extra special in picturebooks. We use specific meta-language when we talk about peritext and picturebooks, so we have prepared a glossary with these terms just in case you are interested.


I am Anneta Sadowska and my videos reflect on what happens in the classroom. I share our picturebook of the month with a number of classes at a state primary school in Poland, and then share my resources, experiences, children’s work and their feedback with you.